Cressa Ingenieros is a company that specializes in geotechnical studies in Extremadura and Madrid. Although we are located in Trujillo and Madrid, we also perform our services anywhere in Spain. We carry out any type of Geotechnical study, both in the field of construction and in that of civil works. Additionally, we carry out engineering in the traditional way, Project Drafting, Technical Assistance and Legalizations.

Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Studies

At Cressa Ingenieros we have an excellent group of civil engineering professionals. Although the beginnings of the company date back to June 2016, most of the members of our qualified team have more than 15 years of experience. In this trajectory we have specialized in the practice of traditional civil engineering, geotechnical studies, construction management, etc.

The main pillars of our company have always been responsibility, seriousness and speed. When we carry out geotechnical work, the first thing we carry out is a series of field tests, so that we can study the general conditions of the terrain. Once the observation and study process is completed, we proceed to the analysis in the office and, finally, we carry out the definition and dimensioning of the bases of the work.

Our clients


Civil Engineering Jobs in Extremadura and Madrid

Although our company is located in Trujillo and Santa Cruz, our clients in other locations also recognize our work and dedication. We have offices in Trujillo and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in the province of Cáceres. Likewise, we also deliver our services to any part of the national territory.

It is important to mention that Cressa Ingenieros is not a company recognized only in Extremadura. Since in other places where we have provided our services such as Madrid, clients appreciate the speed, responsibility and personalized treatment adapted to the needs of each one of them.