At Cressa Ingenieros we are professional specialists in geotechnical studies for all types of Buildings and Civil Works. We carry out any Geotechnical Study for Building, adapting it to the requirements of the CTE (Technical Building Code) and, in addition, we carry out whatever is necessary for Civil Works such as Roads, Bridges, Walkways, Urbanizations...

Civil Engineers specialized in Geotechnical Studies

All of our services at Cressa Ingenieros are carried out based on our main values, which are responsibility and speed. Our treatment of clients is personalized and we always seek to adapt to their demands. At Cressa Ingenieros you have the guarantee that our team has in its ranks specialized engineers in geotechnical studies for all kinds of works.

At the beginning of the geotechnical study project, we carry out field tests directly on the land where the work will be carried out. Subsequently, once the studies and observation have been carried out, we proceed to the analysis in the office and finally the foundations of the work or building are defined and dimensioned.

We are a Testing Laboratory for Building Quality

Cressa Ingenieros has the respective Responsible Declaration before the Junta de Extremadura. The latter enables us as a Testing Laboratory for Building Quality, we carry out these tests with our own machinery. Furthermore, our company is included in the General Registry of Testing Laboratories for Building Quality with the number "EXT-L-031".