Project management in civil engineering

With more than 5 years of presence in the provinces of Cáceres and Madrid, Cressa Ingenieros is a company that offers various project management services in civil engineering. We are a team that has stood out in the sector for its responsibility and efficiency in all the projects we undertake. We have civil engineering professionals with experience of more than 15 years.

Geotechnics and civil engineering project management

Cressa Ingenieros began its activity on June 8, 2016. Since then, our team has offered its specialized services in geotechnical studies and project management in civil engineering of all kinds. We carry out geotechnical studies in the field of construction and civil works in Extremadura, Madrid and anywhere in the national geography. In addition, our members are also civil engineering consultants, carrying out project drafting, technical assistance and much more.

The rest of our services are complemented by the construction management and carrying out of all kinds of studies and reports. In Cressa Ingenieros you can request studies and calculation of structures, hydrology, hydrogeology, environment, etc. We also have a department dedicated to the area of legalizations before the Administration, such as the legalization of wells, ponds, among others.

We have carried out our work in all kinds of scenarios such as: buildings of any type, bridges, renovations, highway, ponds, swamp jetty, contrast tests to results from other laboratories, photovoltaic orchards, land consolidation, esplanades, roads urbanizations, pathological studies, RCD, retaining walls...

Specialists in geotechnical studies

Since our beginnings we have been recognized as specialists in the area of geotechnical studies, both for buildings and civil works. We have the corresponding Responsible Declaration required by the Extremadura Board, which enables us as a Testing Laboratory for Building Quality.

At Cressa Ingenieros we have proprietary machinery for the start-up of the different projects. We are listed in the General Register of Testing Laboratories for Building Quality under the code "EXT-L-031".

Aurelio Sanabria Sánchez:

Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports by the Higher Technical School of Engineers of Roads, Channels and Ports of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Collegiate Number: 25,671

With complementary training in Presto, CLIP and Project Management.

With national and international experience in large linear works such as LAV, Roads, Large Commercial Parks, as well as in Project Drafting and Head of Quality Control of large-scale works.  | 657045810

Crescente Duchel Ortega:

Civil Engineer from the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University.

Collegiate Number: 15670

With complementary training in Higher Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention.

With experience as Head of the Quality Control Laboratory Area for more than 15 years and conducting more than 2,500 Geotechnical Studies (with specialization in the Public Works and Building sector), in addition to Project Drafting, Project Measurement, etc. And it is necessary to highlight the experience acquired in the execution of Special Foundations.  | 690606028