In Cressa Ingenieros, in addition to our Geotechnical Studies services, we have engineers specialized in:

  • Project Drafting: Cressa Ingenieros has proven experience in drafting engineering projects.
    We have experience in the elaboration of Projects for the Public Administrations of our country (Such as: Boards, Provincial Councils, Town Halls...).
  • Technical Assistance: Through the performance of Technical Assistance tasks, at Cressa Ingenieros we carry out the control of a work, from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
    We ensure that the work is executed according to the contracted project, complying with the objectives set in relation to the three aspects that define a work: technical, economic and temporary (term).
    In addition, we supervise the quality control processes of the executed units.
  • Technical Reports: At Cressa Ingenieros we prepare a detailed Technical Report of the points to be analyzed of the project to be executed or already built.
    Explaining technically and in detail each phase of the project, analyzing the circumstances observed in the recognition of the question under examination.
  • Projects of Industrial / Agricultural Warehouses: Carrying out all the necessary works for the creation of the 4 Documents that make up a Project (Memory and Annexes, Plans, Specifications and PPTO), including in all this the geotechnical, structural calculations, etc. for their correct assessment.
  • Calculation of Structures: We carry out the necessary calculations for any type of structure, be it reinforced concrete or metallic. Always in contact with the technical drafting of the project, to combine the conditions imposed by the functionality of the structure with its resistant capacity in order to achieve its optimization.
  • Construction Management: It is based on the Interpretation of the Project and the Construction Contract, during its execution, in order to ensure its adaptation to the proposed purpose, coordinating for this purpose, the intervention of other technical professionals, when they attend the work.
    In this service a total monitoring of the project is carried out for its adequate execution, with a detailed control of each of the processes that define a work such as: deadline control, personnel control, execution or technical control, materials control and QA. All this ensures an optimal final result.

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